Intercyberlibrary--An Archive Worth Exploring

Dimitri Shalin, an interactionist sociologist at UNLV has done outstanding work in building an archive of Interactionist Sociology.  He has extensive research on the origins of interactionism in Pragmatism.  The following comes from the cite, and a link is found at the bottom:

Intercyberlibrary houses The Erving Goffman Archives (EGA) that collect memoirs and biographical information about Erving Goffman and his era. The EGA site co-directors are Sherri Cavan,, and Dmitri Shalin, Members of the EGA Advisory Board inlcude Ruth Horowitz, Peter Manning, Gary Marx, Tom Scheff, and Jacqueline Wiseman. Frances Goffman Bay and Esther Besbris are the project consultants. This web-based, open-source venture serves as a clearing house for those interested in the dramaturgical perspective in sociology and biographical methods of research. Postings in this section are divided into several overlapping sections: “Documents and Papers,” “Biographical Materials,” “Critical Assessments,” and “Comments and Dialogues.” The biographical section contains previously published materials, as well as new memoirs and conversations about Erving Goffman. More relevant materials, along with the information about the project history and mission, can be found on a separate EGA