Power as an Interaction Accomplishment buy Barbara Schneider

Power as Interactional Accomplishment:
An Ethnomethodological Perspective on the Regulation of Communicative Practice in


Barbara Schneider
I propose an ethnomethodological approach to understanding power that offers insights into the regulation of communicative practice in organi- zations. I briefly review functionalist and critical perspectives on power and regulation and then elaborate a view of power as an interactional accom- plishment produced by participants in the course of social interaction. This approach offers a way to see that neither the rules of particular genres of discourse nor the power of particular organization members determine individual communicative activities. Rather participants orient to those rules and power relations and actively reproduce versions of them in their inter- action. I advocate an approach to studying power and the regulation of communicative practice through the study of naturally occurring social inter- action and illustrate with an analysis of two short examples.
The issue of the relationship between the larger social context and communicative practices in organizations has become a central concern among scholars in a number of disciplines. The debate focuses on how aspects of context regulate the communicative activities of individuals in organizations and how these individual activities in turn influence organizational context. In this chapter, I contribute to
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