Dr, Phillip Vannini's Public Ethnography as Innovative Learning Page

Can coursework go beyond the classroom? Can students’ research go public? We believe it can. From eye-catching HD documentary videos to photography, from captivating photovoice to magazine articles, and from informative websites to news media stories about their work, http://innovative-learning.publicethnography.net/ contains the latest and the most innovative student research projects to be found.
“Innovative ethnographies” is a Routledge series that combines beautifully written hypermedia books with visual and audio material. What the book as a medium can’t show, the web can. Discover the latest published and forthcoming ethnographies across a variety of disciplines and fields and learn how innovative ethnographic representation can animate the lifeworld and better reach new reading and viewing publics.
This book and companion website show how a group of researchers across many disciplines utilized old and new media to reach multiple audiences. Divided into nine parts (film, visual media and graphics, exhibits and installations, audio, periodicals, books and reports, dialogue, performance, and publicity) this book and website both show and tell how to make research more popular.

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