Looking For Quality Material to Post for "Doing Modernity"

Looking for Material to Post!

Doing Modernity is a blog concerned with exploring everyday life using Critical Interactionism.

Critical Interactionism draws upon a diverse range of interactionist approaches to study social behavior in naturally occurring settings.

I am a sociologist trained in symbolic interactiionism, ethnomethodology / conversation analysis, and the work of erving Goffman, and tend to highlight these traditions.

I am looking for quality research and theory to post, especially new and current work work.  Feel free to send me material at:


I cannot promise to post anything, but will seriously look at all things sent to me.

I am especially interested in works that explore:

(1) issues concerned with how power, domination, hierarchy are accomplished in everyday life;

(2) issues concerned with how "social structures" are reproduced through situated actions, and / or the micro / macro link;

(3) how "modernity" is done through social interaction;

(4) issues of gender, ethnicity, class, race and other categories of difference and how they shape or are shaped by social interactions;

(5) reflexivity and self-reflexivity;

(6) praxis and habitus

(7) bourdieu, latour, Castoriadis, Actor-Network Theory, Technomethodology, Social Practice Theory;

(8) Critical Discourse Analysis, Institutional Ethnography (Dorothy E. Smith), Autoethnography, Interpretive Ethnography

Thank you for your support!