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June 2011

Students of SPEAP rehearsing their presentation

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Organized by Gilles Verniers from Sciences Po, Delhi, a workshop has assembled around 20 students from India around the mapping controversies...
March 26, 2012
Founded on initiative of Bruno Latour at Sciences Po in 2010, and inspired by the pragmatist tradition (Dewey, James, Lippmann and others), SPEAP is...
December 19, 2011
(P-158) The more manipulations the better A note for a book edited by Catelijne Coopmans, Michael Lynch, Janet Vertesi & Steve Woolgar,...
December 13, 2011
Translated from Danish a book on BL's work insisting especially on the different areas of research and followed by an interview.  
October 27, 2011
This book offers a rather complete view of BL's work with special emphasis on the authors and sources of many of BL's concepts..  
October 26, 2011
  An anthropology of the Moderns The history of modernity is based on the shared feeling that there exists an arrow of time that thrusts forward...
October 24, 2011
“The Whole is Always Smaller Than Its Parts” —How Digital Navigation May Modify Social Theory (with Pablo Jensen, Tommaso Venturini, Sébastian...
October 8, 2011

Books & Edited Volumes

(XV) 2011
Date: 20--
Publisher: Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.
Translation: Cathy Porter
Language: English
The result of a twenty five years inquiry, it offers a positive version to the question raised, only negatively, with the publication, in 1991, of ''We have never been modern'': if ''we'' have never...
(XIV) 2010
Date: 201-
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Language: English
This book is a presentation in a very simple style of the course created in Sciences Po in the field of “humanités scientifiques”. Written to a student who keeps missing classes, each letter...
(XIII) 2009
On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods
Date: April 2009
Publisher: Duke University Press
Translator(s): Heather MacLean and Cathy Porter
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0199256051
Gabriel Tarde’s book on economics is the last one he published. It has been totally forgotten even though it is a masterpiece of social psychology. In many ways one can say that Tarde has been...