Longing by Wayne Martin Mellinger (poem)


Each of us longs to live in Eden,
to experience true joy and unlimited freedom,
to walk in the garden of beauty,
to be with the nameless presence that animates all being 
and brings to live the butterfly, the tiger, the jackrabbit,
the hummingbird, and the ocean.
There is no need to look anywhere for this place, 
for this place here that you call home is the best place, 
and you are blessed be be here.
Our restless urges of life, our quiet dissatisfactions of being, 
our hopes when someone knockc at our door must be gently set aside.
Don't worry about getting your clothes wet as you stroll along the ocean's edge.
Dive in naked.
Splash water all about.
Go deep into the water, and feel the love all areound you.