Wayne Mellinger's Newz from the 'Hood: The Stephanie Kuken Murder in the Los Angeles Times

Newz from the hood:
The stephanie Kuhen murder
 in the los angeles times

(Editor's Note: 

There were 805 gang murders in Los Angeles County in 1995. In spite of this fact, few of these tragic events became newsworthy. When Stephanie Kuhen, an angelic three-year old was killed in September of that year, over 40 articles on her death appeared in the Los Angeles Times. Supposedly, her family took a wrong turn down a deadend street after returning from a barbeque and was ambushed by gangsters. This paper seeks to understand why this story was newsworthy by examining the nature of "innocent victim" stories. It also provides a textual analysis of the story of Kuhen death, highlighting the inherent racism throughout. Finally, it questions whether the event as portrayed in the Times actually occurred.

If you click on these photographs of the pages and zoom you should be able to read the text.  Sorry at this point this was the best I could do.  If you know a better way contact me.  I have the article as a pdf.  Thanks.

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  1. It really is racism at work. No wonder people are still narrow minded about this situations. I do hope your efforts to capture people's attention and let them know the other side of the story would open a new society where equality is heavily seen.


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