Doing Autonomy

Doing Autonomy

"Autonomy is not a fixed, essential state. Like gender, autonomy is created through its performance, by doing/becoming; it is a political practice. To become autonomous is to refuse authoritarian and compulsory cultures of separation and hierarchy through embodied practices of welcoming difference... Becoming autonomous is a political position for it thwarts the exclusions of proprietary knowledge and jealous hoarding of resources, and replaces the social and economic hierarchies on which these depend with a politics of skill exchange, welcome, and collaboration. Freely sharing these with others creates a common wealth of knowledge and power that subverts the domination and hegemony of the master’s rule." - subRosa Collective

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This is the official web site of subRosa, a collective of interdisciplinary feminist artists committed to combining art, social activism and politics to explore and critique the intersections of information and bio technologies on women’s bodies, lives and work.


subRosa’s contributions to Soft Power. Art and Technologies in the Biopolitical Age are featured in a new catalog.
Selections from Feminist Matter(s): Propositions and Undoings are included in “What’s Up Pittsburgh,” curated by Geoffrey Graham and Kevin O’Toole, Clarion University Gallery, February 28 - April 21, 2012.
Two new reviews of the Pittsburgh Biennial at the Miller Gallery make mention of subRosa’s installation. Justin Hopper’s “The Miller Gallery lends the Pittsburgh Biennial a collaborative edge” for Pittsburgh City Paper and Mary Thomas’ “Activist art in Pittsburgh Biennial segment at CMU covers complex subjects”